Vote Your Values at the Local Level

We are at an important juncture in our nation’s history, CCDF-USA urges citizens to play an active role in shaping their communities in every way. This is the only way to combat organized, assaults on our liberty and way of life. This means making the sacrifice of showing up at the local school board meeting or running for local office when you never wanted to get involved in politics. It means donating your time and being willing to expose yourself to criticism for the values we hold dear, and it means everyday citizens participating in the sometimes-tedious day-to-day operations of our local government and our democracy, which are more crucial today than ever.

The most basic expression of this sacrifice is voting and participating in local elections. No matter how busy you are, voting at the city and county level is a simple, accessible way to make sure your community remains in the hands of the people who make it up.

Let us not forget that our city commissioner or school board members often have a more direct impact on our lives and our children’s lives than whoever is in the White House or on the Hill. Voting your values at every level means making your community an enclave of the values you hold dear, no matter what the rest of the country is doing. Instilling your values with your vote at the local level is ultimately the best way to impact the nation. At CCDF-USA, we believe citizens are duty-bound to have a basic awareness and play a role in the goings-on of their local government, and this begins at the voting booth.

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