Citizens Defending Freedom is an organization that empowers and equips American citizens to defend their freedoms and liberties at the local level. By streamlining and simplifying activism, we support and champion American citizens who want to stand up for their independence.


Faith Update


Are you greatly concerned about the moral decay that is pervasive in our secular culture, but feel powerless over being able to reverse the outcome and make a significant difference? Do you want your children, grandchildren, and future generations to live in a godless culture devoid of religious and personal liberties? Is it your desire for future generations to curse our current generation for not courageously standing up for their God given rights and liberties?

What would our world look like today if…

  • Moses was too timid and chose not to stretch out his hand and part the Red Sea.
  • David cowered in fear and chose to not kill Goliath because his community refused to take a stand against the giant.
  • 56 men were too afraid to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor by signing the Declaration of Independence.

These courageous people were not afraid to swim against the current of their culture. Just like Queen Esther, they clearly understood what it meant to be born ‘for such a time as this’.  

Imagine being the point of contact and connector for your Church who is armed with Biblical Citizenship ministry tools and resources that will have a significant impact at the local and national level when put into action within your Church. 

Together we can be the ‘Salt & Light’ of the world and ensure the preservation of our God given liberties now and in future generations.

Education Update

CCDF has been working diligently to provide the citizens of Nueces County with the tools to enable them to defend and protect their God given rights protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In Nueces County, we have been petitioning for the removal of 17 books in our largest school district. We have successfully prevented a comprehensive sex ed curriculum from being admitted into several school districts by following our Matthew 18 model and petitioning our local School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) meetings. Along with our local Moms for Liberty, we continue to deliver donated “In God We Trust” posters to every school in our county. At present, we have submitted 4 separate Public Information Requests (PIRs) to each of the 13 school districts in our county. We are asking for the cost to taxpayers for the school district to send school board members, administrators and employees to trainings such as: Texas Association of School Board, School Nurse Administration Association, Texas Library Association, and a PIR in search of exactly which applications the school districts use in order to question students regarding their mental health using surveys. The goal of the Education Division of CCDF Nueces is to promote parental rights in the arena of educating the children in our county. 

Library Books in Corpus Christi Independent School District

The 17 library books we submitted back in April are still on the shelves in Corpus Christi Independent School District. After a review committee, consisting of different members for each book but same supervisor who happens to be the school superintendent’s wife, decided they were going to stay, we realized that CCISD did not have a local policy to deal with school library books that were sexually inappropriate.  Upon notifying the school board of this, they quickly wrote one and voted on it at the following school board meeting.  I had alerted the board that we had a comprehensive rewrite of the policy from the Texas Education Agency that CCISD had declined to use.  They received the policy by email from me.  Because of the new policy, we debated on whether to re-file the books under the new policy or re-strategize all together.  Upon thoroughly reviewing the new policy of CCISD, they reference the definition of “obscene” material as being things that cannot be found in the library.  I reviewed the “obscenity” definition and found that if the book does not satisfy the definition in 43.21 (C) “taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political AND scientific value” it is, indeed, obscene.  We believe that it would be very hard to prove that these books follow all 4 of those definitions.  How would an adult fiction book about a rape of a hermaphrodite fulfill the “scientific” qualifier?  We are in touch with our state attorney and we are contemplating our next steps.

CCDF-USA Candidate Questionnaire

We are in the process of creating a CCDF Candidate Questionnaire for our citizens to review before the upcoming midterm elections. This Questionnaire will cover all candidates running for office from the Texas Governor all the way down to our local school board races. CCDF is a non-partisan organization which means we cannot endorse any candidates or tell people how they should vote but what we can do is provide resources such as a candidate questionnaire to help educate citizens so they can make an informed decision on voting day. Early Voting starts Oct. 24 – November 4th & Election Day is Nov. 8th. We are planning to have this out before early voting starts.