The Texas State Board of Education called a Special Session on Monday, Sept 26, 2022, regarding the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills compliance with Senate Bill 3, which banned CRT. They requested public input and once again, CCDFTravis County, Moms for Liberty Travis, parents, educators, and a State Board of Education candidates showed up to give their testimony and support for parents and teachers. Senate Bill 3 banned Critical Race Theory and showcased the importance of parental rights in the education of children. Texas Freedom Network’s Emerald Belmarez also showed to give their opposing opinion to the parents and gave weak testimony which criticized parental involvement, called parents extremists, and tried to minimize our testimony. Interestingly enough, at least six of the people who had testified against the inclusion of CRT in schools were either of Hispanic descent or immigrants from other countries. Trustee Will Hickman, from District 6 Houston fought back and asked her many questions which she was not able to answer, for example, “what is the definition of CRT?” She said she did not know the legal definition and said she was not a lawyer.  

After hearing all the testimony, the Committee of the full board voted to continue to receive public input and to not make any changes to curriculum unless it complies with Senate Bill 3. CCDF-USA is so proud to see citizens and other groups pulling together and reminding our local elected officials who they work for and what the citizens want.

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