Official Statement: We Defend and Protect Our Future Generations Against the Enemies of Virtue

Americans are now very aware that the credibility and integrity of the media is suffering in our country. News is brought to you with an intentional slant. From the national media to local news sources, they cannot be trusted to provide us with accurate facts and unbiased reporting. Indeed, local reporters recently published stories about CCDF-USA with directly misleading and false claims. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 

So now, Americans are forced to research and fact-check everything they see and read from the media. The best place to get accurate and factual information is from the source itself. To appreciate the mission of CCDF-USA, we welcome you to follow and engage us through our social media and website. 

Follow CCDF-USA to stay informed as we bring awareness to national and local concerns that affect our freedoms and liberties. 

How do you plan on protecting our next generation against the enemies of virtue? Share our mission and join us as we equip and empower American citizens to stand for and preserve freedom for ourselves and our future generations. Stay tuned for exciting new revelations coming soon! 

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