Official Statement: CCDF-USA Request to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Veto or Amend HB 7021/SB 7014

It is the mission of CCDF-USA to equip and empower American citizens to stand for and preserve freedom for themselves and future generations – to resolve breaches of freedom and liberty through local awareness, local light, and local action. 

HB 7021/SB 7014 has passed the legislature without opposition and is now headed for Governor DeSantis’s desk. The bill extends §768.31 liability protection for healthcare practitioners including hospitals, for Covid-related medical care. 

This bill poses a serious threat to the health of vulnerable Floridians because it creates a “one size fits all” standard of care for Covid-19 patients, forcing hospitals into narrow, ineffective, and outdated federal treatment protocols. The liability shield unintentionally disrupts the goal of empowering physicians’ independent ability to treat their patients on a case-by-case basis using any lawful therapeutic or protocol at their disposal. 

The current federal protocol for hospitals treating Covid patients with Remdesivir and ventilators, without consideration that other treatment options could be lifesaving in individual cases has led to the despair of many families who are simply asking for the right to try alternative legal treatments that could potentially save their loved one’s life. So many families have had to say goodbye without the peace and closure of knowing that every legal medical care option was explored or attempted. 

CCDF-USA implores Governor DeSantis to veto this bill and strongly urges him to ask the Legislature for something more balanced that protects both the hospital and the patients. 

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