Official Statement: CCDF-USA Nueces County Education Division Listens to Citizens Interests and Concerns

County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF) – USA Nueces County would like to welcome the entire community to learn more about our wonderful organization.

CCDF-USA educates, empowers, and encourages American citizens to defend their freedoms and liberties at the local level. We are composed of three action divisions: Election Integrity, Education, and Research & Analysis.

Our Education Action Division’s main priority is to ensure our minor children and the next generation are equipped with the values and educational resources that they need to build strong foundations on their journey as they grow and become an impactful and positive member of our society.

Students have a right to a wholesome childhood and education. Parents, including busy mothers, have the right to be involved, aware, and have access to curriculum and information being taught to their children. We help families by providing a level of oversight for decision makers in our school system, and a platform for parents and concerned citizens to get involved.

We advocate for transparency and help teachers gain trust by verifying information for these busy parents and caregivers by attending school board meetings, vetting curricula and school board voting agendas to understand, and spread awareness about what is being taught in classrooms today, what programs will be implemented, and where tax dollars will be spent.

We hold elected officials such as school board members accountable to ensure that they perform due diligence, that they are not compromised or beholden to vested interests. And we empower everyday Americans who want to keep politics out of our schools and make a difference in our children’s lives to run for elected positions in our education system.

CCDF-USA’s motto of local light, local action starts with listening to our citizens, and when a certain topic becomes a reoccurring issue of concern, we add these topics to our meeting agenda items. Our local affiliates have been receiving a substantial amount of communication from parents, caretakers, and citizens with concerns about shocking content on teachers’ social media. We collectively agree that self-published public content on social media is like an open window revealing your beliefs, interests, and actionable expressions.

Our young university graduates, when looking for a job, across almost all industries get social media vetted as a matter of course. Equally, star athletes, elected officials, and religious leaders are all being evaluated by social media. We are in 2022 and social media does, in fact matter.

These concerns are worth a dialogue because teachers are truly the backbone of society. They don’t just regurgitate information or grade papers, they are role models to children, offer guidance and give young people the power of education. Being a significant member of society comes with standards and expectations, especially if this person is directly influencing our impressionable minors and if they are also supposed to be working hand-in-hand with parents to build well-rounded children.

Let us all become better informed about our local communities and local government while we build and live as a model of inspiration for our future generation to prosper.

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