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As you know, we have had a lot of issues coming from the Miami-Dade School Board, but this time, we are turning our attention to the city of Miami Beach Commission and Committee for Quality Education. Our Miami-Dade chapter has been in a long battle with the School Board to remove the potentially illegal LGBTQ History curriculum. When the pressure from CCDF-Miami-Dade forced the school to vote down the implementation of this curriculum, the City of Miami Beach decided to pass and adopt a resolution to observe and teach the curriculum, despite the ruling of the Miami-Dade School Board. The city of Miami Beach also intends to provide LGBTQ resources for the principals and parents, as they encourage the schools within their jurisdiction to potentially break the law and defy the School Board’s ruling. 


CCDF-USA is an organization that ACTS. CCDF-Miami-Dade is putting out a call to action for residents to inform and report to CCDF-Miami-Dade any findings, from any Miami Beach schools where they are teaching this. Our citizens are the best watchdogs. We have thousands of CCDF-Miami-Dade ambassadors who report to us when our laws are being broken and our rights are being violated. If the schools in Miami Beach are teaching this curriculum to our children, behind the parents back, and despite the law, we will find out about it, and act accordingly. More updates to come! 

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