Message from Steve Maxwell: Stand Firm!

Yesterday the Federal establishment proved once again they are out of control and must be placed under the authority of “We the People” as our founding documents and laws require.
By raiding the home of President Trump, they are sending a clear message that they will stop at nothing to have their evil way. It is sickening and repulsive!
Today, I encourage all Americans to stand firm, pray fervently, gird up your loins and fight with all of your might! We have the honor of being selected to fight for our freedoms provided to us by God, our creator ​and acceded to in our founding documents.
As God asked in Gideon’s day ” Who among you are afraid?” Send them home! We only need a remnant and the power and blessing of God, and we shall prevail! The enemies of God are destined for destruction. We are the chosen who must sacrifice all we have to save this shining City on a Hill! We are the chosen ones.
I am honored to be in this battle with you!
Until His return,
Steve Maxwell
Cofounder & National Chairman, CCDF-USA

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