Hillsborough County Children Need Your Help

Hillsborough County, FL – As you may know, parents around the nation have been passionately fighting their local school districts to protect students and keep sexually explicit and inappropriate materials out of school libraries. 

Over the last few months, Hillsborough County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-Hillsborough) has been working tirelessly to inform citizens about the materials they have uncovered in many schools throughout their county, materials that they believe violate several Florida statutes. 

In response, CCDF-Hillsborough has teamed up with The Florida Standard to launch a letter writing campaign to the Hillsborough County State Attorney, Sheriff, School Board and the Florida Commissioner of Education. This letter explains that the citizens of Hillsborough County do not want their school libraries to contain books that have obscene and sexually explicit content such as This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson. This Book is Gay includes directions on how to use Grindr, a dating app that is used to connect men to other men and women to women for casual sexual encounters, which could potentially expose children to situations with dangerous physical and emotional ramifications. 

The children of Hillsborough County need your help! If you are interested in joining the fight to protect children in Hillsborough’s public school system from inappropriate and harmful material in library books, we encourage you to click this link to sign the petition and prompt officials to take action and remove these books. 

CCDF-Hillsborough would like to thank Will Witt and The Florida Standard for their continued support in the effort to protect children in Hillsborough County. 

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