Fort Bend County Citizens Defending Freedom Update

CCDF-Fort Bend is shining the light on First Christian Church in Katy, Texas. The Senior Pastor, Patriacca Tolleson, spoke out at the Katy Independent School District Public Board meeting, in favor of several obscene and pornographic books that our CCDF-Fort Bend leadership, along with several other patriot organizations, recently had removed.

One of the books in question is titled “Flamer” (see excerpts below):

Tolleson is also responsible for transitioning her son to a girl, starting in second grade. They are also advertising “Drag Bingo” on their church website, on September 24th for “all ages”, with an “adult-only” show beginning at 8:30pm. One of the drag queens, named Jaysen Kettl, who goes by the stage name “Tisha Flowers” will be a part of this event hosted by First Christian Church. The CCDF-Fort Bend team has done some background searching on Kettl and below you will find pictures pulled from his social media. Kettl also went to jail for threatening to “shoot up” a school. Our team has found several extremely disturbing things in his criminal past.

Our Fort Bend team is linking arms with several other patriot organizations to uncover and expose this situation to protect the children in the community from dangerous individuals like Kettl and Tolleson, and their sick agenda to corrupt the minds and hearts of innocent children. CCDF-Fort Bend is getting several media partners involved in exposing this story, as well as having the legal team investigate the tax status of this church, to see if what they are doing and what they are charging for these types of events is a violation of their 501(c)(3).

Read the Epoch Times story here

CCDF-Fort Bend will exhaust all resources in order to protect the children, including bringing this to the attention of law enforcement.  We will keep you updated as this continues to unfold. In the meantime, please pray for the children in Katy, Texas who may be exposed to this traumatic and obscene show.



In last week’s newsletter, we reported about the “In God we Trust” posters initiative in Fort Bend County. We are so excited to announce that those posters are in the process of being distributed to the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District and formally presented to the Board of Trustees.

Below are a few pictures of these posters being distributed. CCDF-USA would like to draw special attention to the picture taken in front of Bentley Elementary School. From the left we have Lori Underwood, who is a CCDF-USA donor who also rolls up her sleeves and offers boots-on-the-ground efforts. Thank you, Lori. The citizens as well as CCDF-USA appreciate all you do support us, and your community. Next, we have, Jon Welch who is a Board of Trustee member for the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District, followed by Rebecca Clark, Executive Director, CCDF-Fort Bend, and finally Holly Pruitt, a hard-working local volunteer who truly dedicates so much to her community. Also pictured are Sarah Feigleson and Regina Johnson who are unbelievable advocates for the community of Fort Bend! Sarah is the CCDF-Fort Bend Education Division Leader and is doing outstanding work for CCDF-Fort Bend! We also want to thank Patriot Mobile for donating all the beautifully framed posters for this initiative! Fort Bend County, and all those who work together within different groups and organizations, we appreciate you! Keep shining the light!


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