Election Day is Almost Here!

On November 1, 1948, in a nationwide radio broadcast, President Harry S. Truman called on the citizens of the United States to exercise the great privilege of voting, of making a choice that would affect America for years to come. “Now it is up to you, the people of this great Nation, to decide what kind of government you want–whether you want government for all the people or government for just the privileged few.”

President Truman’s words, though spoken over 74 years ago, are poignant and relevant to the issues we face as a Nation today. The choices we make on November 8th will determine the kind of states we want, the kind of country we want, and the kind of world we want. Voting is not only our right, but it is our responsibility.

Whether you’re voting early, or going to the polls on Election Day, remember your voting rights!

You have the right to:

· Cast a vote if in line at the official closing of the polls

· Receive up to two replacement ballots if a mistake is made prior to casting the ballot

· Cast a provisional ballot if identity or registration is questioned

· Vote free from coercion or intimidation

· Have your vote accurately cast on a system in working condition

Furthermore, the Voter Bill of Rights should be displayed, and poll watchers and workers should ensure it is upheld. You can find more information about voter’s rights at https://www.usa.gov/voting-laws

Get involved, research your candidates, use your voice, and vote your values.

See you at the polls!

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