Determined North Texas Parent Reads Excerpt from Sexually Explicit Book; Frustration Mounts Over District Procedures.

Collin County, TX – A north Texas community was stunned recently to witness the public testimony of a Frisco Texas mother at a school board meeting as she read from a school library book that normalizes unhealthy mindsets and pathological behaviors of twin sisters as they confront sexual molestation by their father.  

Collin County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-Collin) board member and concerned parent, Shannon Ayres, took to the podium at a school board meeting on October 17th, 2022 to read excerpts from the book Identical by Ellen Hopkins. Ms. Ayres spoke calmly and confidently as she read the intensely detailed and graphic descriptions of a girl’s horrific molestation by her father, as the girl’s twin sister not only witnesses, but longs for, the unspeakable abuse. She then called on parents to take decisive action to protect their children from school administrators and elected trustees who refuse to do so.   

“What will be left of our children socially, relationally or spiritually if we continue to normalize this darkness, the sexual predation of children, and the acting-out and pathology of serial victimhood?  We are marketing the very worst of human depravity to our kids through taxpayer-funded library books. How is this ok with anyone?”  Videos of Ms. Ayres’ moving testimony began to go viral on social media, and soon notable influencers were sharing it on their Facebook pages, and eventually the video was suppressed, shadow-banned, and censored.  

The Frisco community has been embroiled in a battle with their Independent School District (ISD) over sexually inappropriate books for an entire year. Texas House Representative Jared Patterson (HD 106) has personally engaged in the battle as well, submitting dozens of titles for reconsideration. The book Identitcal was under appeal at the time of Ayres’ public comment.  The Frisco ISD board of trustees has remained mostly silent when confronted with their shortcomings and lack of leadership in protecting the children in their care, however shortly after Ms. Ayres’ impactful public comments at the board meeting, the school removed twelve of Ellen Hopkins’ books from circulation, including Identical.   

CCDF-Collin is committed to stopping the sexualization of Texas children by removing the obscenity exemption that exists for educational purposes from Texas law and holding school districts accountable with actionable enforcement measures for non-compliance.




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