County Citizen Files Lawsuit Against Corrupt District Attorney

Nueces County, TX – With soft-on-crime policies spreading like wildfire and wreaking havoc across the United States, emboldened citizens are taking a stand to stop the source of the fire right where it starts: our liberal criminal defense system. Compromised and corrupted district attorneys across the country are failing to act with integrity, failing to uphold their oath of office, and failing to prosecute the criminals who are plaguing our communities. 

On January 20, 2023, a lawsuit was filed petitioning for the removal of Nueces County Texas District Attorney Mark Gonzalez from office. The suit, which was filed by Colby Wiltse, a resident of Nueces County Texas and State Director for County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-USA), alleges that Mr. Gonzalez’s conduct has been tainted with incompetence, misconduct, failure to give bond, and that he is unfit and unable to discharge his official duties. His actions, along with countless other DAs across the country, are resulting in a revolving-door criminal justice system where offenders, even violent offenders, are released back onto the streets. 

This lawsuit marks a beginning.  

The beginning of citizens, who are tired of the corruption that is destroying our communities, working to hold their elected officials accountable.  

The beginning of victims and their families getting the justice they deserve.  

The beginning of We the People saving our Nation. 

CCDF-USA is tirelessly working to shine the light on the corruption that is infiltrating our criminal justice system in local communities and threatening the future of our country. Stand with us as we fight to preserve the integrity of our criminal justice system, our elections, our counties, and ultimately our Nation. Your financial support will directly impact this case and future cases to follow, click here to fund freedom and save this Nation, one county at a time! 

To view the Nueces County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-Nueces) official press release regarding the lawsuit that was filed, please click here.  

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