CCDF-USA Response to PCSB Mask Mandate

To Our Polk County Family,

I first want to thank all of you for the tremendous support of the newly formed County Citizens Defending
Freedom (CCDF-USA). The journey thus far has been both enlightening and rewarding. The board of
CCDF-USA is honored to be a defender of freedoms and we offer our word that we will be relentless
pursuers of liberty and freedom for our Polk County family. It is our mission to equip and empower every
local American citizen to stand for and preserve freedom for themselves and future generations through
local awareness, local light and local action.
This week the Polk County School Board (under tremendous pressure from Polk County parents and
citizens) relented on enforcement of the facemask mandate but refused to rescind the facemask policy.
Our new superintendent boasted on local news that he has no intention to remove the policy, which was
intentionally placed under the student uniform dress code.
CCDF-USA’s standard of measure for any decision or policy from our elected leaders and public officials
is the founding documents of the United States of America. The issue in this case is not facemasks, it is
power. Our Declaration of Independence clearly states that our Creator is the source of power and
authority, and that power is endued to individual citizens. “We the people” then loan this power to
elected officials and public servants, who make a vow to protect our authority from tyranny (oppressive
power exerted by government). In the case of the facemask mandate, we have discovered unacceptable
abuses of power, and the CCDF-USA will support the efforts of plaintiff parents and students, PCSB
employees and citizens to free themselves from the overreach of our county’s School Board and
Plaintiffs and citizens are demanding an immediate announcement of the addition of the rescission of the
policy to the agenda for the next PCSB meeting and complete elimination of the odious and unnecessary
mask policy from our school district. Should these things not occur within a reasonable timeframe,
according to the plaintiff’s legal counsel, CCDF-USA will support the continuation of litigation to include
monetary damages.
The hard-working citizens of Polk County are the true heroes of our county. It is they who pay the taxes
that fund our public institutions, and to them our deepest respect and gratitude is owed. Together our
voices will be heard, and we at CCDF-USA will offer all we have to ensure that liberty remains safe and
waiting for the next Polk County generation to enjoy its sweet blessing.

Keep shining the light!

Steve Maxwell
National Chairman

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