CCDF-USA Drops Lawsuit Against the Miami-Dade School Board

The CCDF-Miami-Dade team has been working on a local issue within the school board for many months. It started when our team looked through instructional materials designed to teach sex education and discovered what they believed to be highly inappropriate content that is not age-appropriate. Our team is trained to measure all concerns against the Constitution of the United States, as well as state statutes. When it comes to parental rights and age-appropriate content our laws are clear and designed to protect the innocence of children. It did not take the CCDF-Miami-Dade team long to compare the content to the laws in Florida and conclude that the content was not up to Florida’s legal standards. The team quickly informed the School Board of this discovery and unfortunately, they were met with no solution nor resolution from the School Board. The CCDF-Miami-Dade team decided to look in to at how these instructional materials were ever approved in the first place. 

The materials were reviewed and recommended by a review committee made up of P.E. teachers who were self-nominated or nominated by school leaders or district administrators. The law states that when review committees are assembling, they must promote or enable community and parental involvement, but the Miami-Dade School Board seemingly feels is unnecessary, as they did not give notice to the public that these review committee meetings were happening. You heard that right … the adults who are hired to protect your children, met in private regarding how to instruct your children about reproduction, sexuality, and sexual orientation, then went ahead and adopted the curriculum, because seemingly, the input of their parents is unwelcomed and unwanted. If you were at a public park, and an adult approached your child against your will, and proceeded to “educate” them on sexuality and sexual orientation, he or she would most definitely be picked up by local law enforcement. So why is it ok for this to take place in public school? The system is broken, and CCDF-USA is here to bring continual oversight into our public education institutions, ensuring that these individuals are held accountable.  

CCDF-USA filed a lawsuit on behalf of CCDF-Miami-Dade as a result, and we are prepared to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. CCDF-USA has a multi-step process that ends with legal action as the final step. Unfortunately, the Miami-Dade School Board has refused to do the right thing, even after multiple attempts at giving them reasonable opportunity. As always, we will update you with information as this story evolves.  

See the latest article linked below regarding the City of Miami Beach and how they are undermining the Miami-Dade School Board in the decision made to not celebrate LGBTQ month. Perhaps they will redact the statements made once they become aware of the possible legal ramifications. 



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