CCDF-Nueces Partners with the Election Integrity Project

Nueces County, TX – Recently, a post-election debriefing was conducted by the Election Integrity Project (EIP) at the Nueces County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-Nueces) offices. The EIP is a non-partisan group that is working to ensure election law and process integrity. Many in attendance at the meeting participated as workers in the recent November General Election and provided a comprehensive list of observations, needs, and recommendations for future elections. The primary items discussed were upgrading voting machines to produce paper ballots, as was recently done by a nearby county, and reviewing “lessons learned” from poll workers, poll watchers, and voters.

Training was another major topic of discussion, with poll workers sharing their experiences. For many, this was their first or second experience being directly involved in the election process, and the learning curve was steep. Perspectives were then shared that will increase future training effectiveness and knowledge dissemination. Nueces County has a solid foundation in election integrity, and CCDF-Nueces is thankful for the extensive efforts of “boots on the ground” volunteers in the EIP.

After this productive meeting, EIP Chairman, Shawn Flanagan, met with the Nueces County Clerk who informed him that in the upcoming 2023 Constitutional Election auditable paper ballots will be a part of the voting process as a result of voting machine upgrades. This is a huge win for election integrity and the citizens of Nueces County.

CCDF-Nueces is excited to work with the EIP on future endeavors to ensure election integrity in Nueces County.

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