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“It is time our brothers and sisters know the truth. It is a great reminder that our battle is NOT against flesh and blood (contrary to the enemy), BUT against the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this present darkness, and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.”  As Pastor Chris so boldly stated, we need more pastors speaking truth from the pulpit…waking up the “woke” Body of Christ.  CCDF-USA wants to give a shoutout to Pastor Chris McRae of Sojourn Church, for being a brave man of God, and the first pastor (we know of) to show this film with his congregation. 

Uncle Tom II is an odyssey depicting the gradual demoralization of America through Marxist infiltration of its institutions. The film explores how this deceptive ideology has torn apart the fabric of society while using black America as its number one tool for its destruction. Uncle Tom II will take the audience deeper into black America’s often eradicated history of honorable men, entrepreneurship, prosperity, faith, and patriotism, to its current perceived state of anger, discontent, and victimhood. Uncle Tom II unveils the Marxist strategy of creating false racial tension between Americans, with its goal of obtaining power, destroying capitalism, and replacing God with government. CCDF-USA will be coordinating efforts to host this movie in every county we are currently in. The goal is to invite and encourage other local grassroots organizations to come and take part in the event. CCDF-USA wants to initiate efforts to unite grassroots organizations, bringing them together to work towards a common goal. We feel an event like this, would be an awesome opportunity to build those relationships for the future work that has to be done. More to come on this! 

We’re excited to announce our exclusive partnership with the Uncle Tom II documentary! This groundbreaking film is connecting dots on true American history while exposing the Marxist agenda to destroy our country.

Our history is being revised to shape education and policy. We believe Uncle Tom II gives people the confidence to unite and engage with their communities about the reality of what is happening and what we can do to make an impact.

Uncle Tom II answers these questions:

  • How and why was history revised to create false racial tensions?
  • What are the deceptive tactics that are demoralizing society and influencing our schools, churches, media, and policies?
  •  What is Communism and what does life under a Communist regime really look like?
  •  What are the origins, goals, and tactics behind BLM and other Marxist movements that aim to control Americans?

We encourage our CCDF-USA members to watch Uncle Tom II and contact us if you’d like to host a screening with your community. Starring Christian Conservative thinkers like Voddie Baucham, Brandon Tatum, and Dr. Ben Carson, Uncle Tom II will change hearts and minds.


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