We are grateful for your prayerful consideration to support CCDF-USA. Donations are welcome as a one-time gift or recurring monthly giving throughout the year. Donations can be designated to a specific county affiliate or designated to our National Fund which supports all of our county affiliates.

By donating to CCDF-USA you are equipping, empowering, and investing in our country’s citizens to stand for and preserve freedom for themselves and future generations. 



There are several ways to invest in our mission and fund freedom:

Donate Online

Please follow the prompts to the left to make a donation online. Secure donations can be made on a one-time or monthly basis.

Choosing where you want your dollars to go:

Donating to CCDF-USA National

A donation to CCDF-USA National supports leadership and governance for all county affiliates. National funds are spent on legal fees to support and take pressure off local chapters, and aids the CFO, technology, public relations and marketing budgets, along with training and educational materials. The National fund provides standardized tools and processes to ensure CCDF consistently builds and maintains effective county affiliate organizations.

 Donating to CCDF-USA Local County Affiliate

A donation to a CCDF-USA County Affiliate directly supports efforts in that county, including local management and oversight, local events and calls to action, as well as providing strategic support for county citizens.

Donate by Mail
Please make donations by check payable to CCDF-USA and mail to: 

P.O BOX 156

Please designate in the memo line if you would like your donation to be directed to CCDF-USA National, or a specific CCDF-USA County Affiliate.

Leave a Legacy Gift
In addition to giving by check or credit card, there are several other opportunities donors can take advantage of to leave a lasting imprint on generations to follow. Invest in future generations in memory of what is important to you by including CCDF-USA as a beneficiary in your estate. Or consider giving methods such as stock, real estate, an endowment, or a charitable gift annuity.

We hope you take some time to consider these unique giving options and discuss them with your financial advisor.

If you have questions regarding your annual giving or other types of giving, please contact Barbara Huchro at 813.624.4190 or bhuchro@ccdfusa.com

County Citizens Defending Freedom USA, Inc.™ (CCDF) is a nonprofit corporation that is exempt from federal taxation under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. CCDF may receive unlimited contributions from any source. Although CCDF may occasionally receive designated contributions to support specific projects, it does not solicit or accept contributions designated to support or oppose candidates for public office. CCDF is not legally required to publicly disclose its contributors and, as a matter of policy, it does not voluntarily disclose them. The IRS does not allow contributions to CCDF to be deducted as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax adviser for more details.