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CCDF-USA is an organization formed for the purpose of streamlining and simplifying American citizen activism for current and future generations.

Through our network of affiliates, CCDF-USA provides convenient access to the support and tools needed by citizens to engage in local activism and to coordinate with national activist programs.

CCDF was established with the duplication of county affiliates in mind. CCDF affiliates have access to the following tools and resources:

  • Support from the National CCDF-USA Board of Directors
  • Legal support and documents necessary to form a county CCDF-USA affiliate
  • Financial structure and CFO services
  • Fully functional website and technology support
  • Training and education materials
  • Social media assistance and podcast recording capabilities
  • Outbound public relations and marketing assistance
  • Ongoing support and additional resources as needed

The National CCDF-USA Board of Directors awards affiliate status upon successful completion of a strict assessment and vetting process.

CCDF affiliates across the country help identify, expose, and correct breaches of freedom and liberty by holding local events, rallies, and training sessions, and responding to local calls to action by attending school board meetings, county commission meetings, public gatherings, and more. 

If you would like more information on becoming an affiliate, please contact us today. We’d love to have you join us in our mission and bring CCDF to a county near you!

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